Dumpling Kings

When people ask me for recommendations in Chinatown, this Gourmet Dumpling House is always on my list with one caveat- go at a weird time or be prepared to wait in line! This place is small and insanely popular, with good reason. They have a good selection of dumplings including my favorite, juicy or “soup” dumplings, plus a lot of other great dishes on the menu. Here are some highlights from one of my most recent meals. Pei pa tofu: this is one of my all time favorite dishes, and I love Gourmet Dumpling House’s version, which has some spicy salt. In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s a dish usually found at Cantonese restaurants and is tofu stuffed with shrimp, deep fried, and served with a sweet sauce. Sadly the last time I went they had taken this off the menu, I really hope they bring it back! Scallion pancake: this is one of the best I’ve ever had. When I think of scallion pancakes I usually think of the thin, greasy kind I got as a kid from American-Chinese takeout places. These are thick, airy inside, and perfectly crisp on the outside. Juicy dumplings with seafood and pork: these are my favorite kind of dumplings and I’ve tried several different kinds at Gourmet Dumpling House. These were stuffed full of crabmeat, which you can see is bursting out the top. Crab Rangoon: ok, I know these aren’t authentic, but you can never go wrong with crab rangoon!


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