Food Science!!

Cafe Art Science is the newest addition to Kendall Square’s dining scene, and unlike anything this city has ever seen! The idea came from Harvard inventor David Edwards, who has been mixing science and food for years to create dishes such as breathable chocolates and pods of frozen yogurt wrapped in an edible skin. In 2007 he moved to Paris to open Le Laboratoire, a laboratory / design studio that mixes art and science.

Cafe Art Science is part of Le Laboratoire Cambridge, which (in addition to the restaurant) includes a museum and gallery space for public lectures from poets, scientists, and visiting chefs, and cultural exhibitions. The first exhibition, Vocal Vibrations also debuted this last week and featured, MIT Media Lab’s Tod Machover, an innovative composer, and Neri Oxman, a 3D-printing and environmental-design specialist.

The restaurant itself brings together some big names in the Boston industry, including Todd Maul, former bar manager of Clio; Tom Mastricola, who helped open No. 9 Park and former general manager of Clio and Commonwealth; and Patrick Campbell, former chef de cuisine at No. 9 Park and executive chef at Eastern Standard.

The food is a fusion of high end French and American technique, with a bit of art and science mixed in. If you dine in the bar you can sip a vapor cocktail, after watching it float in the air. As cool as this sounds, for my first visit the fiance and I opted to sit in the main dining room and order a multi-course meal so that we could try most of the opening menu.

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